Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's a Pinko Commie!!!

I swear, Kansas City Royals, Jose Guillen is a communist and I love him for it. I think, in the my more than three decades of walking this planet, have I never heard a person, let alone a star athlete, proclaim that they make too much money. That's exactly what Jose Guillen did. In a recent article in the Kansas City Star, Guillen said:

“I’m embarrassed by the money that I’m making,” Guillen said, “and playing the way I’ve been playing. I’ll swear that on my kids’ (lives). I feel very embarrassed.

“Sometimes, I feel I should take money out of my own pocket and buy tickets for every fan. Because you know what? For a $12-million man, these are not the numbers you should be expecting. I admit it. I’m not playing to my potential.”

He has to be a communist, a sandinista or something of such ilk. Only a left wing pinko commie, would utter such things. It is downright un-American or maybe it is utterly shocking when we hear an athlete be honest without using the usual interview cliques. Up to this point, Jose Guillen wasn't even on my radar. Today, he made me a fan, the same way Charles Barkley did when he said he was no hero. It is the same reason I love the Ozzie Guillen's press conferences. It is why I love Joe Paterno's quips about the Big 10. There is an honesty that is so rarely there. It is moments like this, that makes sports utterly enjoyable. It gives us perspective.
Jose probably cost himself some money when the next contract negotiation comes around, but more importantly he just may have found his next gig as a commentator. That is why we love John Kruk, even if he isn't all that honest. He comes off that way. It is why we love my man Barkley on the TNT halftime show. It is why we loved Ditka and Jim Mora. It shows a side that reminds us, that their regular guys, who just happen to play a game really well.

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