Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Marketing Machine Chugs Along

Well, those at the BCS fortress of Ineptitude and at the World Wide Leader have done it again. Those that have read my blog, may recall my bashing of ESPN for calling out the WAC for hiring a PR firm to bolster its case for the BCS. Why would I find it curious that ESPN, as of now, has yet to report this little nugget? Ari Fleischer has just been hired by the BCS to be their front man in their PR war to keep the BCS in our "hearts and minds".

For those who don't recall, Mr. Fleischer was W's press secretary. He is, in my mind, one of the best in the buisness. I'm not trying to be political, but any guy that can deliver the message stating the case for our war in Iraq, has to be one hell of a salesman. The BCS hired the best and I'm sure he's earning quite a few more pennies than his time in the White House.

Again I throw the BS card to our friends in Bristol. Why has this not been reported by the World Wide Leader? Why do they call out the WAC for doing the same thing, yet fail to report it when the BCS does the same thing? Again, as stated before, it is all about protecting their investment, with that fat new TV contract with the BCS.

The marketing machine chugs along. Charlie Weis is done and have you heard, it's Tim Tebow's last game in Gainesville? This and other over reported stories are coming to you next on sportscenter...


Friday, November 13, 2009

The Greatest Shootout in Soccer History

This could be the greatest amount of taunting I have ever seen in one shootout. Italy-Brazil for the world cup, no way. I'm talking Stony Brook-Hartford in the America East. Ocho Cinco, take notes...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Image is Everything

We have now reached a breaking point in College Football between the haves and the have nots. The world wide leader has just reported that the WAC has hired a PR firm to keep itself in the discussion for the BCS. It is now more apparent than ever that the system is broken and corrupt and the only thing that will save it is some sort of Armeggedon.

Of cource I have a few issues with this whole scenario. As I had stated in a previous post, I felt that the BCS was and is, all about marketing. It is nothing more than a beauty contest made up of 300 lb. lineman. This action by the WAC is proof in point. I don't like it at all, but I understand that they are forced to do it. The big 6 have built in marketing machines due to their television contracts. Why do you think this story was reported in the first place? It's straight out of the last election cycle. You make the WAC look desperate and that they don't belong. They then get knocked down a peg in perception. ESPN reports it as a true news story when in reality they are helping their own wallets by keeping the teams they have rights to, look more relevant. Spin, Spin, Spin.

What does the Mountain West have to do? Are they going to have to put up a billboard in Times Square? Oh wait, Oregon already did that. Maybe they'll just start having commercials on why they deserve their votes. You think I'm crazy. It's coming if nothing is done. I can see it now, a man walks out and says, "What is a Horned Frog?" and of course then we get to see a 20 second clip of highlights. Then we get the tag line, "Vote for TCU". I may be out in left field or maybe I have the next great marketing idea. By the way I am a whore and can be had for the right price and yes please vote for TCU...cough, cough, wink, wink.

Enough is enough. Settle it on the field. It will be alot cheaper in the long run, and the returns would far outweigh what we get now in the bowl system. If the television deal for the NCAA basketball tounament is worth $ 6 Billion, imagine what a football deal could be worth for a playoff. The problem is that we may teach our children to share, but the BCS does not. The NFL figured it out a long time ago. Revenue sharing is the name of the game. In the long run it pays off. As Chuck Klosterman pointed out in his most recent book, Pete Rozelle was a genuis to get capitalists to act like communists. We all share and we all get more. Too bad the socialists on most of these college campuses haven't figured it out yet.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Thoughts Headin' to November

We have reached the report card part of the season. In the immortal words of Dennis Green, "They are who we thought they were!" This is the make break part of any college football season in regards to post season play in some antiquated system that only rewards those who put asses in seats instead of play on the field. Anyway let's take a look at where we are now.

Basketball season is right around the corner. Who would have thought that Duke actually has a legitimate shot at the league title? It looks like another 40000 draw for their championship game. I'm so happy that expansion thing has worked so well for them. I can't wait to see their Nielsen numbers. They just may beat out the World Curling Championship in the ratings.

The Big XII
Have you heard that Sam Bradford hurt his shoulder? The marketing of a mediocre conference continues. My little Gracie is putting her horns in the air and screaming , " Hook em!". The horns are all but set to go to the national title game. Brand sells, play on the field does not.

Yet again, they are getting talked out of the national title hunt by those with the big TV contracts. I have heard from a lot of talking heads who say that they don't have a marquee win and the rest of their schedule is full of pancakes. Really? I guess the thrashing of the new media darling Oregon, was a fluke huh?
I don't know whether to say, if it's going to be another mediocre Big 10 (11) team in the national title game or really they are that good. Anyone in Iowa City will probably say the latter. The win in Happy Valley showed me something. Sometimes, like the Ohio State team in 2002, the bounces go your way for a reason. Now watch them lose every game from here on out after I just typed this.
The Big East
OK my point of view is shaded, but the league is good and always has been. The preseason polls as I said before, are based on marketing and preconceived notions that are not true anymore. I am convinced now more than ever of this. It sometime takes the hacks in the media a little while to start to come around. Here is what going to happen. Everybody in the Big East will beat each other and there will be no clear champion. The media hacks will say how the Big East doesn't belong in the BCS due to record. True to form, the Big East champ will then smoke their opponent in the BCS bowl. It happens year in and year out. It is by far the most balanced conference in the nation.
And Finally...