Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Just in Time for the Holidays

Well, the season has come and gone. Charlie is gone although, not quietly into that dark night. Timmy has left Gainesville and Coach Stew is still hugging everyone within an arm's reach. The wacky recruiting time has begun and yet again, we still will not have a legitimate national champion at the end.

Let me see your war face!
In my WTF moment of Sunday morning, I soon learned that Mr. Fleischer is earning his bucks at the BCS. During my morning work out, I had on Sportscenter on the World Wide Leader. They began talking about the BCS and the bowl match ups. Of course, those in Bristol were espousing how the BCS worked so well, because the top two rated teams were in the national title game. More importantly they were pimping how Boise State and TCU were both invited. In my mind, it wasn't enough, because they are playing each other, not teams from the BCS schools. They still do not have a legitimate shot at the title. The term that the paper puppet used when announcing the match up was that the BCS was at the "Forefront" of getting the non-BCS schools a fair shot. Again I say, huh and what about Cincinnati? I'm sure Mr' Fleicher has sent out the list of terms to be used. The contract hasn't even kicked in yet and as they say on the farm, it's going to get real deep.

Charlie, Charlie Charlie
Some of us go graciously. Some of us are escorted by security guards. Others get an exit interview. Charlie Weiss gets a stage and what a performance it was. Any man that has the balls to call out Pete Caroll for pulling a "Tiger" has got to be crazy or just plain bitter. I guess if you can't beat the man, do it the old fashioned way and create a tabloid media frenzy.

Put the gun down Pyle!
You know there are too many bowls, when Detroit is a host city. Nothing against our friends in the motor city, but it's not a place that I would think I would want to spend the holiday season. Imagine going through a long season of games, plus all of the off season workouts and your reward at the end is...Detroit.

Enjoy your retirement Coach Bobby Bowden and Coach Mickey Andrews from FSU. I wish I could wish you good luck in the Gator Bowl, but we still owe you one for 1975 Bobby. See ya in Jacksonville...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Marketing Machine Chugs Along

Well, those at the BCS fortress of Ineptitude and at the World Wide Leader have done it again. Those that have read my blog, may recall my bashing of ESPN for calling out the WAC for hiring a PR firm to bolster its case for the BCS. Why would I find it curious that ESPN, as of now, has yet to report this little nugget? Ari Fleischer has just been hired by the BCS to be their front man in their PR war to keep the BCS in our "hearts and minds".

For those who don't recall, Mr. Fleischer was W's press secretary. He is, in my mind, one of the best in the buisness. I'm not trying to be political, but any guy that can deliver the message stating the case for our war in Iraq, has to be one hell of a salesman. The BCS hired the best and I'm sure he's earning quite a few more pennies than his time in the White House.

Again I throw the BS card to our friends in Bristol. Why has this not been reported by the World Wide Leader? Why do they call out the WAC for doing the same thing, yet fail to report it when the BCS does the same thing? Again, as stated before, it is all about protecting their investment, with that fat new TV contract with the BCS.

The marketing machine chugs along. Charlie Weis is done and have you heard, it's Tim Tebow's last game in Gainesville? This and other over reported stories are coming to you next on sportscenter...


Friday, November 13, 2009

The Greatest Shootout in Soccer History

This could be the greatest amount of taunting I have ever seen in one shootout. Italy-Brazil for the world cup, no way. I'm talking Stony Brook-Hartford in the America East. Ocho Cinco, take notes...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Image is Everything

We have now reached a breaking point in College Football between the haves and the have nots. The world wide leader has just reported that the WAC has hired a PR firm to keep itself in the discussion for the BCS. It is now more apparent than ever that the system is broken and corrupt and the only thing that will save it is some sort of Armeggedon.

Of cource I have a few issues with this whole scenario. As I had stated in a previous post, I felt that the BCS was and is, all about marketing. It is nothing more than a beauty contest made up of 300 lb. lineman. This action by the WAC is proof in point. I don't like it at all, but I understand that they are forced to do it. The big 6 have built in marketing machines due to their television contracts. Why do you think this story was reported in the first place? It's straight out of the last election cycle. You make the WAC look desperate and that they don't belong. They then get knocked down a peg in perception. ESPN reports it as a true news story when in reality they are helping their own wallets by keeping the teams they have rights to, look more relevant. Spin, Spin, Spin.

What does the Mountain West have to do? Are they going to have to put up a billboard in Times Square? Oh wait, Oregon already did that. Maybe they'll just start having commercials on why they deserve their votes. You think I'm crazy. It's coming if nothing is done. I can see it now, a man walks out and says, "What is a Horned Frog?" and of course then we get to see a 20 second clip of highlights. Then we get the tag line, "Vote for TCU". I may be out in left field or maybe I have the next great marketing idea. By the way I am a whore and can be had for the right price and yes please vote for TCU...cough, cough, wink, wink.

Enough is enough. Settle it on the field. It will be alot cheaper in the long run, and the returns would far outweigh what we get now in the bowl system. If the television deal for the NCAA basketball tounament is worth $ 6 Billion, imagine what a football deal could be worth for a playoff. The problem is that we may teach our children to share, but the BCS does not. The NFL figured it out a long time ago. Revenue sharing is the name of the game. In the long run it pays off. As Chuck Klosterman pointed out in his most recent book, Pete Rozelle was a genuis to get capitalists to act like communists. We all share and we all get more. Too bad the socialists on most of these college campuses haven't figured it out yet.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Thoughts Headin' to November

We have reached the report card part of the season. In the immortal words of Dennis Green, "They are who we thought they were!" This is the make break part of any college football season in regards to post season play in some antiquated system that only rewards those who put asses in seats instead of play on the field. Anyway let's take a look at where we are now.

Basketball season is right around the corner. Who would have thought that Duke actually has a legitimate shot at the league title? It looks like another 40000 draw for their championship game. I'm so happy that expansion thing has worked so well for them. I can't wait to see their Nielsen numbers. They just may beat out the World Curling Championship in the ratings.

The Big XII
Have you heard that Sam Bradford hurt his shoulder? The marketing of a mediocre conference continues. My little Gracie is putting her horns in the air and screaming , " Hook em!". The horns are all but set to go to the national title game. Brand sells, play on the field does not.

Yet again, they are getting talked out of the national title hunt by those with the big TV contracts. I have heard from a lot of talking heads who say that they don't have a marquee win and the rest of their schedule is full of pancakes. Really? I guess the thrashing of the new media darling Oregon, was a fluke huh?
I don't know whether to say, if it's going to be another mediocre Big 10 (11) team in the national title game or really they are that good. Anyone in Iowa City will probably say the latter. The win in Happy Valley showed me something. Sometimes, like the Ohio State team in 2002, the bounces go your way for a reason. Now watch them lose every game from here on out after I just typed this.
The Big East
OK my point of view is shaded, but the league is good and always has been. The preseason polls as I said before, are based on marketing and preconceived notions that are not true anymore. I am convinced now more than ever of this. It sometime takes the hacks in the media a little while to start to come around. Here is what going to happen. Everybody in the Big East will beat each other and there will be no clear champion. The media hacks will say how the Big East doesn't belong in the BCS due to record. True to form, the Big East champ will then smoke their opponent in the BCS bowl. It happens year in and year out. It is by far the most balanced conference in the nation.
And Finally...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Next Great Reality TV Star

Ladieas and Gentleman without further adieu, I give you the next great reality television star.

(special thanks to several posters on for the pic)

And now this article today from Ann Arbor, Rich is now being sued becuase he was a part of a real estate scheme. From the article:

University of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez is being sued for
defaulting on a real-estate loan to build high-end condominiums in the shadows
of Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium.
One of five guarantors for a proposed
80-condominium gated community called The Legends of Blacksburg, Rodriguez and
his partners allegedly owe Nexity Bank
$3.9 million, including interest and penalties.
Rodriguez was served a
summons and complaint in his football office at 5:27 p.m. on Aug. 24, court
papers show. Michigan practiced earlier in the day.
According to court
filings, The Legends of Blacksburg, LLC, signed a loan promissory note for $26.1
million in September 2007, when Rodriguez was coach at West Virginia.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Market Like a Champion Today

They say that the college football season is around the corner. My friends, I beg to differ. The season has already begun. It has little or nothing to do with the play on the field. The college football marketing machine has kicked into full gear. College football, in my mind, is the only sport that determines a champion, not based on play on the field, but on the amount merchandise and ad time you sell. I am convinced now more than ever that the fix is in. If your school doesn't have the right TV contract or sell the most video games, your team will have little, if any chance at all, for ever playing for a national title.

The reality of college football does not match the marketing of what actually is happening on the playing field. Let's take a look at the top ten from this year's pre-season USA Today Coaches poll:

  1. Florida

  2. Texas

  3. Oklahoma

  4. USC

  5. Alabama

  6. Ohio State

  7. Virginia Tech

  8. Penn State

  9. LSU

  10. Ole Miss

What are the common denominators of these teams? For the most part, they are the so called "traditional powers". They all come from conferences with major television contracts. They all come from conferences with BCS automatic births and most are in the top 25 of merchandise sales per the Collegiate Licensing Company. Not a down has been played and we already have our first poll that helps determine the national title. Why do I find it odd, a team like Utah that went undefeated last year, and beat the mighty SEC champ Alabama, is not in the top ten? Why do I find it odd that not one team outside of the BCS is even in the top 15? It seems to me that these teams outside the "elite" programs are starting behind the proverbial eight ball before a down is ever played.

If you read, watch or listen to your ESPN's, your Fox sports, et al, you are only hearing about these so called "elite" programs and conferences. Why do I find it interesting that 4 out of the last 5 episodes of ESPN's College Football Live program dedicated the first segments of these shows to the SEC? It wouldn't have anything to do with that fat new TV contract that ESPN signed with the SEC? Why do I find it odd that the same show has yet to do a segment on non-BCS teams? It wouldn't have anything to do with the ESPN/ABC contract with the BCS, now would it? You see, they will get pimped because ESPN needs a return on its investment, in the way of ad dollars. If you think I'm a conspiracy theorist, so be it. I ask you then to google Trev Alberts who once worked for ESPN. In a nutshell he called them out for making him pimp certain conferences and teams due to TV contracts. When he was fired, he was called a "disgruntled" ex-employee.

In a recent column ESPN's Mark Schlabach began comparing the ACC to some of the other so called power conferences. He said that they were truly elite because of the amount of NFL draft picks that it has had over the last few years. I now give you their record in the BCS over the history of the BCS, 2-9. My Big East is at least 6-5 and winners of 3 out of the last 4, yet some in the media keep on referring to it as the "Big Least", go figure. Calling a league "elite" because of draft picks is like saying they are number one in potential. Almost doesn't cut it. In the immortal words of the great Gorilla Monsoon, "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades". Again ABC needs justify their contract with the ACC. They are coming nowhere near selling out their conference championship. The league is averaging something like 40,000 for the game and the TV ratings have been less than stellar. Now ESPN puts out this article, trying to say otherwise. I throw the bullshit card.

Ask Bobby Bowden what the biggest change in the game is and he will tell you, quite simply, the 85 man scholarship limit rule. The days of the same power programs winning year in and year out, are over. Back in the day, teams like Nebraska and Alabama would have 200-300 guys on scholarship. They soaked up all the talent. Now you throw in this rule and the talent level gets dispersed. There are no more "elite" teams. We are seeing crazy upsets every year. Upstart programs are changing the landscape of college football, yet the schleps in the media keep on pimping the power teams they knew from their childhood. When was the last time Notre Dame was relevant? When was the last time, we had a national champion where we had no controversy at the end? It was all a generation ago. Times have changed. It's time the windbags wake up.

The other big change is the Internet. Up until recently, you rarely heard about recruiting. Now you know everything from the guy's forty time to his favorite class in school. Sites like and make seventeen and eighteen year old kids stars before they ever set foot on campus. It goes to their heads, so often times, they go to a so called lesser program, where they can play right away and make headlines from the start. If you think I'm crazy, look around the country at the amount of freshmen that are starting even at the so called, "elite" schools. Hell, a generation ago, these kids would have been on freshmen teams.

I guess for most, change is hard. We all feel comfortable in what we were raised on. So it makes some sense for the jock sniffers to pimp these elite programs, because that is what they knew. The reality of what is happening on the field is vastly different. When your perceptions are set, it is hard to alter that. It will take time, but I have faith, well maybe, that we will see change, just not until my 16 month old Devon takes his first snaps in the Blue and Gold. Until then, in the immortal words of Mel Brooks in Spaceballs when they asked his character Yogurt what he did for a living and the answer was, "Merchandising!"

May the Shwartz be with you...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Itch

Oh, it's that time of year. I have an itch, not the kind you get from vines in the woods. It's not an allergy. No cortisone cream will be needed. It's not the kind you scratch. No, this one is an annual rite of passage. It took the smiling blue eyes of my little girl to reignite it. Tradition is being passed on. She already knows it, but doesn't understand why just yet. The camps have opened. In most every town in America there are young testosterone laden young lads puking their guts out from the two-a-days. Yes my friends, football season is almost here. Hallelujah!!!

This past Saturday, I decided to take my three year old daughter, Grace, to run my usual weekend errands. Per her usual act of three year old rebellion, picking out the clothes for a day is very much, a laborious chore. She has to pick out what she wants to wear. She has an unbelievable independent streak that in no way shape or form is like her own father's streak of stubbornness...well, maybe a little similar. That is all I will admit to. Mother nature, I have come to realize, has a sense of humor.

There is a whole routine that you must go through. We open the shirt drawer. We open the pants drawer. I pick out some clothes and Grace will respond in kind, "No, not dis one! No, not dis one!" She has to repeat it for emphasis as if I didn't hear it, the first ten times she said it. This goes on and on and on and on. Oh yes, they say that these are the best years. Whoever they are, they need to be shot.

We could not find what she wanted. Usually, she wants one of her sun dresses. Thank God we have a closet full of them. This day though, something different caught her eye. Something gold with something blue jumped out at her. For reasons unknown, she picked out her West Virginia cheerleading outfit. "I want dis one!" she exclaimed. Eureka! We had found the dress for the day.

At that moment the feeling had come over me. It's like the people back home in my beloved West Virginia, the weeks leading up to buck season. You can smell it in the air. Football season is almost here. We quickly got her dressed and of course she had to have her matching blue and gold bow. My daughter was experiencing it too, but she does not understand it yet. OK, maybe I sang the WVU Alma mater to her at night when she was an infant. I might have her sing 'Country Roads' each time we get in the car and she may already know the lyrics by heart. She may have had the mobile with bears in the flying WV sweaters hanging over her crib, but that's all normal, right? Maybe there is something to this nature versus nurture thing after all.

This happens every year like clockwork. The anxiousness begins to build. We'll travel in droves just to watch our favorite teams practice. No other sport has this sort of following. No other sport has this sort of passion. You never see guys lining up to go watch an NBA preseason camp. You never get daily and sometimes hourly reports on drills from other sports. I never knew a passing tree could be that interesting, but I find it to be. Only in football, is it this way.

Now another generation is being passed down a love for the game. It is the same way my Dad and even more so, my Mother, did with me. I remember Saturdays in the fall, listening to Jack Fleming and Woody O'hara calling Mountaineer games. I remember watching Elway lead numerous two minute comebacks. I rememder watching Louis Lipps and yes, even Bubby Brister play for my beloved Steelers. I remember going to Beaver Stadium with my Dad to see Joe Paterno lead his beloved Nittany Lions on the field. I remember St. Mary's High School's homecoming. I remember my sister being named the Bell or homecoming queen in another vernacular. In the end, no matter how the season goes, we come back, because it's the only thing we know...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

End the Witch Hunt

That's it! I'm done! I've had it and I don't want to know anymore! Enough is enough! I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! Yet another report has surfaced about players names from the infamous list of 100 baseball players who tested positve for steroids in 2003. At the time, the list was supposed to be an anonymous thing. It was only meant as a survey. If enough guys failed, then it would trigger the random testing policy we have today. Low and behold, names have surfaced, even after the so called list was to be destroyed. This time, it's Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Isn't that something?

It doesn't take a Harvard grad to figure out what is going on. Everyone pundit in the media, will now crucify Ortiz and Ramirez. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling. It's the real American pastime. No, not baseball anymore, it's the fascination of the media witch hunt. Again revisionist historians will raise their ugly heads and say how bad Manny and Big Poppy were. Somehow they will forget how Manny and Ortiz helped lead Boston to their first championship in 80 years. Somehow they will forget how legions of Boston fans felt when they finally broke the curse. Nobody really cared if they were juiced or not. Unfortunately, Manny and Big Poppy are toast.

Will we see the Mea Culpa? I hope not. Why do I feel this way? The powers that be in Baseball want the names out there, because then we have villians. The media has their so called moralistic crusade. In reality they are keeping the steroid thing going to sell ad space. Bud Selig doesn't want his name touched. The owners don't want their names out there. You give the media the players and everybody else walks away. It is straight out of Vince McMahon's playbook. It is all soap opera.

Being a Yankee fan, I wish all the ill-will to that team on Yawkey way, but not this way. The Sox earned that championship and now, somehow, some will feel it is tainted. It shouldn't be that way. I want no asterisks on records or championships. It is time we let it go, but we're not allowed. Unfortunately, the fix is in, and it has nothing to do with Steroids.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Win Baby!!!

At this year's Big Ten Media day, Indiana Coach, Bill Lynch spoke of his new community outreach program in Bloomington. You see, Coach Lynch had decided that he was going to do something about the apathetic Hoosier fan base. So what did the coach do? He decided to visit all of the Fraternity and Sorority houses on campus to drum up student fan support. Per ESPN's Adam Rittenberg:

It's no secret that Indiana has struggled to generate fan support at times during the last 15 years, and often times the pregame tailgates outside Memorial Stadium are better attended than the actual games. You have to like Lynch's approach, especially since it would be hard to imagine many other BCS coaches pounding the pavement around campus for support.

Imagine you are a D1 ball coach and you have to literally beg for fans to come to games. I like the creativity, but I have a far more simpler thing to do. In the immortal words of Al Davis, "Just Win Baby!"

Nothing cures an apathetic fan base like sucess on the playing field. A perfect example of that, I have witnessed first hand, is Rutgers. For years Rutgers had been the doormat of eastern football. The best receruits in New Jersey went elsewhere. I remember going to WVU-Rutgers games in Piscataway and sitting in the WVU section. We, hillbillies, outnumbered the Scarlet Knight faithful in their own stadium. I always kind of felt sorry for them. Then things changed with the hiring of Greg Schiano.

Coach Schiano, in his first act as coach, invited all of the top recruits from New Jersey to his office and said stay here and build something. The kids loved it and it worked. Rutgers began winning. Rutgers went on to their first bowl games in years. Scarlet R's started appearing on cars. They actually sold out their season ticket allotment for the first time in the school's history. They are just finishing up a 10,000 seat expansion to their stadium. They started to win and the fans came out.

The story of Coach Lynch makes nice headlines, but, if you don't produce, the fans won't come. Coach Lynch's idea comes off as hokey and sort of desperate. I like Coach Lynch personally. I know he got a tough gig replacing Coach Terry Hoeppner who lost a battle with cancer. At the end of the day, though, you have to win. Maybe if he put that much energy into getting the kids on campus in the way of recruiting, instead the ones that already there, maybe, just maybe, Memorial stadium could be rocking....


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Great Ride

Just outside of Arlington National Cemetery, I sit here in this small hotel room with my two kids and wife in tow. We have come to say goodbye or I should say, celebrate the life of my Grandmother Lt. Irene (Jaloski) Overath. Our room is cramped and piled high with two car fulls of things for every possible scenario that two small children could possibly need. Per our normal standard operating procedure, we have somehow managed to forget something that was of major need for the kids. This time it was a small things like diapers and food. Somehow these small necesities couldn't make it in our two vehicles that we brought in tow. It is times like these, I wonder how the true Wonder Woman in my life did it. She raised eight kids, fought a world war, helped care for the thousands of soldiers lives, and somehow managed to keep my grandfather forever devoted to her.

Raised in the coal fields of western Pennsylvania, my grandmother learned the value of hard work and the modesty of her blue collar immigrant parents. Throughout the years, she would always say to me, how our family's farm reminded her of her own childhood. She would tell me stories of West Deer. She would tell me the stories of the men that worked the mines. It seemed insignificant to me at the time, but as the older I got, I realized she was teaching me the same values that was passed down to her. We connected on this level. She made me feel special and unique. The older I got, I realized she did this with everyone of us. To understand the magnitude of, you have to look at the numbers; eight children, seventeen grandchildren, and now six (soon to be seven) great-grandchildren . She never ran out of love.

I'll miss her wonderful laugh. I'll miss her cut throat style of playing skipbo. I'll miss the wonderful visits. Most of all, I'll miss her strength. My mom said it best, somewhere up there, her and Opa are driving around in their motorhome. I'm sure that every once in a while, they'll check in on us, just when we need it most. I love you Oma....


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's a Pinko Commie!!!

I swear, Kansas City Royals, Jose Guillen is a communist and I love him for it. I think, in the my more than three decades of walking this planet, have I never heard a person, let alone a star athlete, proclaim that they make too much money. That's exactly what Jose Guillen did. In a recent article in the Kansas City Star, Guillen said:

“I’m embarrassed by the money that I’m making,” Guillen said, “and playing the way I’ve been playing. I’ll swear that on my kids’ (lives). I feel very embarrassed.

“Sometimes, I feel I should take money out of my own pocket and buy tickets for every fan. Because you know what? For a $12-million man, these are not the numbers you should be expecting. I admit it. I’m not playing to my potential.”

He has to be a communist, a sandinista or something of such ilk. Only a left wing pinko commie, would utter such things. It is downright un-American or maybe it is utterly shocking when we hear an athlete be honest without using the usual interview cliques. Up to this point, Jose Guillen wasn't even on my radar. Today, he made me a fan, the same way Charles Barkley did when he said he was no hero. It is the same reason I love the Ozzie Guillen's press conferences. It is why I love Joe Paterno's quips about the Big 10. There is an honesty that is so rarely there. It is moments like this, that makes sports utterly enjoyable. It gives us perspective.
Jose probably cost himself some money when the next contract negotiation comes around, but more importantly he just may have found his next gig as a commentator. That is why we love John Kruk, even if he isn't all that honest. He comes off that way. It is why we love my man Barkley on the TNT halftime show. It is why we loved Ditka and Jim Mora. It shows a side that reminds us, that their regular guys, who just happen to play a game really well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Apparently, I'm not the only one tired of Beck's act...

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Beckham Experiment Is a Failure

Last year , I had a blog post, lauding the David Beckham rule, allowing MLS teams to sign one designated player who's salary would not count against the salary cap. I love the rule, but Beckham's act is starting to wear thin. Maybe I expected too much, or maybe he hasn't delivered. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Three years ago, the signing of David Beckham was supposed to change the face of the MLS. It was to give the league legitimacy. I thought it would begin to show the world that we were an emerging soccer power. Our great wealth as a nation was going to buy us the respect amongst the football world. Instead, Beckham has sold a bunch of jerseys, made a ton of money and has failed to even get the Galaxy to the playoffs. What I have learned is that, as in life, money can't buy you everything. Brand Beckham sells, it just doesn't win.

I remember a conversation I had with my Uncle Rich, who is far and away more in tune with the beautiful game through refereeing and coaching. He had been saying that for us to be great, our best players needed to play in the better leagues around the world to raise the level of play here. He essentially was saying that we did not need Beckham. I still think we do, but it needs to be an American Beckham. The US national team win over Spain showed me that my Uncle was right. Outside of Landon Donovan. most of our best players are playing around the world outside of the MLS and they are winning. Donovan, previous to his stint with the Galaxy, did play overseas. Tim Howard taking his club team Everton, to the FA Cup final against my beloved Chelsea, showed me that we are earning that respect. The win over a record seeking, all time great Spanish team is earning that respect. The signing of Oguchi Onyewu, (yes he is an American), by AC Milan is showing that respect. David Beckham is not.

I so want the David Beckham experiment to work. We all now know that he is here to collect a paycheck and nothing else. In America we love a great sales pitch, but we also want it to deliver. I just haven't seen it yet. Somewhere in a suburban park is the American Pele and we don't need to import it.


Monday, March 9, 2009

A Rod Did Roids and Other Useless Crap

Did you hear? A-Rod did roids? What? Huh? What's going on here? He now has a torn labrum? He left his wife for Madonna? Michael Phelps smokes pot? Charles Barkley got a DUI for trying to get a blowjob? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

A Rod did steroids and guess what? I don't care. I don't care if he "hurt the integrity of the game." Let me tell you a secret, it never had any to begin with. Babe Ruth was a drunk as was my Dad's hero, Mickey Mantle. Legions of baseball players did amphetamines in the 1950's and 1960's. The 86 Mets did more coke than Al Pacino did in Scarface. Ty Cobb was a womanizing, racist prick both on and off the field. I still love how Pete Rose played the game. I just never took a gambling tip from him however.

The year was 1994, baseball took away the world series. Fans left in droves, me being one. Then came along Cal Ripken, shorter fences and the 1998 season. It was called by many and I quote, "The greatest season ever played.". My Yankees set the record for most wins. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were captivating us just like Mantle and Maris did in 1961. The economy was booming. Asses were in the seats and in front of the TV watching it go down. President Clinton made sure to have Sammy Sosa front and center during the State of the Union speech. We all were happy....

Flash forward 11 years, according to those who are history revisionists, it was all bad and evil. They were all doing steroids. They were somehow destroying America's youth. The players from that era should be punished. Now if they were wife beating, womanizing drunks, like the players of days gone by, put them on the box of Wheaties! I just don't buy any of it.

I am also fan of auto racing. For years the name of the game is to get a competitive edge until the rules change or you are caught cheating. No race driver or crew chief is ever villianized the way other athletes are who are caught using steroids. Why is there no outrage? Oh, we could do the same to our cars we drive to work everyday and cause havoc like you wouldn't believe... None of this would ever happen, because almost all of us think that is an absurd proposition, that I just put forth. Well guess what? This is exactly what we are doing with steroids. Am I advocating them? No, I just think it's time to get real.

Maybe I'm tired of the witch hunt, Maybe I'm tired of the media trying to be my moral compass. I'm tired of headline chasing DA's turning professional athletes into criminals. I'm tired of my tax dollars being wasted on the cleaning up of professional sports in the so called name of protecting our nation's youth. I'm tired of the folly and I'm tired of soap opera. I just want to see the games played at their best. I want to see how many home runs can be hit in one season, juiced or not. I want to see a 45 year old who can still bring a 100 MPH fast ball. I want to see athletes using the greatest technology available doing herculean fetes, only dreamed about a generation before. Guess what. I don't care if they are juiced or not and most fans are like me. I know Michael Jordan is degenerate gambler and I still will only remember him for that last shot against Utah. Let's play ball...