Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Just in Time for the Holidays

Well, the season has come and gone. Charlie is gone although, not quietly into that dark night. Timmy has left Gainesville and Coach Stew is still hugging everyone within an arm's reach. The wacky recruiting time has begun and yet again, we still will not have a legitimate national champion at the end.

Let me see your war face!
In my WTF moment of Sunday morning, I soon learned that Mr. Fleischer is earning his bucks at the BCS. During my morning work out, I had on Sportscenter on the World Wide Leader. They began talking about the BCS and the bowl match ups. Of course, those in Bristol were espousing how the BCS worked so well, because the top two rated teams were in the national title game. More importantly they were pimping how Boise State and TCU were both invited. In my mind, it wasn't enough, because they are playing each other, not teams from the BCS schools. They still do not have a legitimate shot at the title. The term that the paper puppet used when announcing the match up was that the BCS was at the "Forefront" of getting the non-BCS schools a fair shot. Again I say, huh and what about Cincinnati? I'm sure Mr' Fleicher has sent out the list of terms to be used. The contract hasn't even kicked in yet and as they say on the farm, it's going to get real deep.

Charlie, Charlie Charlie
Some of us go graciously. Some of us are escorted by security guards. Others get an exit interview. Charlie Weiss gets a stage and what a performance it was. Any man that has the balls to call out Pete Caroll for pulling a "Tiger" has got to be crazy or just plain bitter. I guess if you can't beat the man, do it the old fashioned way and create a tabloid media frenzy.

Put the gun down Pyle!
You know there are too many bowls, when Detroit is a host city. Nothing against our friends in the motor city, but it's not a place that I would think I would want to spend the holiday season. Imagine going through a long season of games, plus all of the off season workouts and your reward at the end is...Detroit.

Enjoy your retirement Coach Bobby Bowden and Coach Mickey Andrews from FSU. I wish I could wish you good luck in the Gator Bowl, but we still owe you one for 1975 Bobby. See ya in Jacksonville...

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